Mojo Themes announces higher commission rates for sellers

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The popular WordPress theme marketplace Mojo Themes has updated its seller commission rates. Previously a seller would need to reach 501 sales for an increase from 50% in commission to 55% in commission. Now that jump happens at just 201 sales. In effect each step up their commission ladder has been lowered, so now a 70% commission rate is possible at just 2,001 sales (instead of 7,501 previously).

In addition to the commission rate change, Mojo is running a simple giveaway as well.. For each new theme exclusively submitted to their marketplace between now and September 19th they will give the theme author $100. As a fan of simple contests and giveaways, that’s one that’s hard to argue with!

Have you ever sold or purchased themes from Mojo? How do you think it compares to other marketplace options?