Miniraffe test site confirms plans for a WordPress plugin shop


Adii Pienaar teased his next project Miniraffe this morning. Soon after we posted it a WPCandy reader alerted us that their in-development Miniraffe site is currently publicly viewable.

The full site design of Miniraffe, which you can view now at, seems to confirm that the next project from Pienaar and his partners James Koster and Mike Jolley will indeed be a commercial plugin shop. The gallery below contains the development pages, just in case the site is moved anytime soon.

Miniraffe pre-public website peek

Aside from confirming that Miniraffe is a plugin shop the site doesn’t give us too much information. The home page describes the purpose in a bit more detail, along with promoting the plugins as compatible with the default themes Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, and themes from WooThemes:

Miniraffe plugins add kick-ass functionality to WordPress and to add another dimension of awesomeness we’ve endeavoured to make them compatible with WordPress’ own default themes and those from leading retailers.

Only a “Mega Menu” plugin is referenced on the site, listed at $20.

Pienaar shared his thoughts on what he called the “lack of premium WordPress plugins” on his blog earlier this month. He described what he saw as an opportunity for those willing to work to release quality code, since “every WP-powered website potentially needs a plugin, but not every WP-powered website needs a theme.” He asserted that this larger demand would lead to great rewards:

Early movers in this space will be greatly rewarded too (as GravityForms, Wishlist, BackupBuddy & the others have), because there’s very little out there at the moment. Your plugin could thus realistically close off a whole section of the potential plugin space and make it your own.

What do you think of Pienaar’s statements on the lack of commercial WordPress plugins? How about what seems to be his next project, a WordPress plugin shop?

10 thoughts on “Miniraffe test site confirms plans for a WordPress plugin shop

  1. You guys keep killing the site. 🙂

    Rookie “error” in not closing the rest of the site down. Or maybe we left it there specifically to allow someone to “stumble” onto it… Heck, WPCandy is no TechCrunch, but two posts in one day and the details are still vague.

  2. Thanks for this, great news, can’t agree more with Adii on the lack of (a common source for) decent plugins. Am a WooThemes client, and look fwd to adding a Miniraffe account for awesomeness plugins from the same family.

  3. Powered by Woocommerce?.. Alas no, seems like Jigoshop is handling the shopping cart. The wait continues…

  4. JigoShop is one of THE BEST if not the best plugin for e commerce. It could be a waste to build one more, than just an adjusted business model on it.

    I love the work Adii is doing, he is an inspiration for other ppl who want to start from zero, and keep moving. Even if we feel emotional some times, reading him and his posts or seen the work he is doing, make us wanna do more and more.

  5. Miniraffe looks set to be awful, they might want to have a look at their own website before they start producing themes and plugins. Really bad work, hope their products aren’t this badly designed.

  6. just a moment, ago i try jigooshop for the first time and i like it. But after googling, i found unethical move by woo. and i really don;t like it

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