Microsoft thanks WordPress for dropping IE6 support in upcoming 3.2 release


Ryan Gavin thanked for recently dropping IE6 support on the WordPress dashboard. Carson is the Senior Director of Internet Explorer Business and Marketing, and praised the move on the Windows Team Blog yesterday:

Last week, WordPress dropped support for IE6 and joined the hundreds of other web sites that are working to move enterprises and consumers alike to a modern browser platform. Thank you! As WordPress highlighted in their blog, you can track IE6’s demise across the globe and join the cause on the IE6 Countdown site.

His comments were directed toward, which rolled out the beta 1 of WordPress 3.2 just last week, the comments extend easily to platform itself which is responsible for the switch in its upcoming release. Dropping IE6 was one of the goals for the 3.2 release, along with speed improvements across the board.

Are you as excited as Microsoft is to see the end of Internet Explorer 6?

20 thoughts on “Microsoft thanks WordPress for dropping IE6 support in upcoming 3.2 release

  1. What does this mean though, will IE6 users still be able to access WordPress sites? I assume so and that this is just “dropping support” but I thought I’d ask.

  2. Ironically Microsoft could have easily solved this whole problem a long time ago, by just forcing Windows users to upgrade to a newer version of IE. Praising WordPress for the move seems silly to me. If they really wanted IE6 users to upgrade, they’d have pushed it on them by now, just as Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari etc. have.

      • I can’t even get IE9 to install on Vista. Says it needs SP2. Guess what? SP2 refuses to install.

        What MS doesn’t realize is that I’d rather pay for BrowserCam than Windows 7. =P

    • Those browsers don’t force you to. They have automatic updates, but people have the option to turn them off. See, sometimes people are on networks where programs CANNOT be upgraded as everything is password protected. What’s the point of forcing someone to do something when they literally cannot without IT approval?

  3. As a common wisdom does, IE is the browser you use to download the real browser.
    I have for the longest time advocated for Web designers not to make any special accommodations for IE’s non-compliancies, as the only way to force Micro$oft to care about W3C. Either designers accommodate Micro$oft’s corporate ineptitude or Micro$fts starts paying due respect to the standards every other vendor lives by. The same goes for vendor-specific CSS3 properties, BTW, – they should not be used.
    It is the browser’s programmers job to make their product complaint. It is not Web designers job to jump through hoops to compensate for programmers inabilities.

  4. Next step is IE7. It suffers of many bugs and misinterprets standards.

    Ie8 is ok. Websites done in FF or webkit run nicely when tested on IE8.

  5. Personally, I would be more impressed with the whole IE6 Countdown campaign if Microsoft still would release an update for Windows 2000 users. There is no option to upgrade those system to IE7 or IE8 let alone IE9.

    Fortunately, Firefox 4 runs just fine.

    • Soon enough Microsoft will be thanking users for ditching Windows 2000.
      Then Windows XP.
      Then Vista.
      Then 7.

  6. Anything MSFT likes is immediately suspect……

    to ABTOP, XP is more resilient than I.E.6. Vista is already on life support. 🙂
    Whenever winOS is mentioned, I have to recall that wonder dog, WindowsME (millions of errors), lest we forget.

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