Michael Kuhlmann releases Hope Theme, donates all sales to charity

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Michael Kuhlmann has released the Hope child theme for the Carrington Business framework and will be donating the proceeds to World Vision. 100% of the proceeds to be exact.

World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization, states that it has provided assistance to over 100,000,000 people in 100+ countries. They help struggling communities across the world by providing necessities like clear water, food, and an education.

Kuhlmann wrote this about why you should buy Hope:

Because everybody deserves at least the most basic necessities in life. Thinking about how many water faucets are in and outside of your home, how would you feel if you only had one — that spewed dirty water. It’s a sad fact of life but one that can be changed, starting today. And if you’re a WordPress fanboy/girl, then this child theme is definitely for you.

You can purchase the Hope child theme for $17.