Michael Beckwith wants to build your plugin ideas


There are a lot of talented people in the WordPress community. Some even hang out here at WPCandy sometimes, which is awesome. One such person, Michael Beckwith, has put out a call for plugin requests. He is looking to dip his proverbial development toe into plugin waters, based on commented suggestions:

I would love to hear from you with some of your needs that you’d love to have a plug-in solu­tion for. I am inter­ested in expand­ing my knowl­edge and I feel that devel­op­ing some plug-ins would be a won­der­ful way to go about this. How­ever, I don’t want to just re-create, for exam­ple, another Twit­ter Word­Press plug-in. I’d pre­fer to do what I can to help fill a unique need or one that hasn’t been well addressed.

So if there’s a plugin you’d like to see developed, go let Michael know on his blog. While you’re at it, let us know on this post too: if you could request any plugin to be created, what would you ask for?

8 thoughts on “Michael Beckwith wants to build your plugin ideas

  1. How about a plugin for image cropping. Let’s say you have defined a few picture sizes to use on your site 100×100, 250×250 and 350×200 (or whatever). When you upload a bigger picture, WordPress creates all these automatically but it uses the centre of the images, so often faces are cut off.

    What I would like after I upload, is to be presented with a “cropping-tool” for all the different sizes so I can decide what part of the picture is kept.

    (Does this exist already?)

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. In the true spirit of organization and planning, all of the ideas I’m receiving are being put into a txt file with *’s separating them, all for evaluation later and gaging time/knowledge/effort needed. 😀

  3. I’ve always wanted a plugin that would help turn WP into an “intranet” site for small businesses or corporate business too. I know there are plenty of themes and other plugins that could be used together to do this, but I would really like to see a plugin developed solely for this purpose and using “best practices” of creating and managing an effective intranet site for your company or organization.

    PS: I’d be willing to pay a plugin developer to do this too, so if you’re interested, AND A SKILLED WP PLUGIN DEV, hit me up. 🙂

  4. I’m with Sammy!
    One of many ideas I have would be to create a personal address book for each user, that might be useful for the intranet situation, such as, i.e., development of document templates that the users could send to their clients where the templates will be calling those fileds from the address book.

  5. An events and calendar plugin. There’s really not a simple calendar plugin that’s easy to style and has the ability to create ‘s for alternate styling when the standard calendar isn’t appropriate. I’ve seen the Anmari amr-events, but you then have to link to a Google Calendar or pay for the events upgrade.

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