Please Advise: a new podcast from McAlister, Caputo, Molitor


Speaking of podcasts, the trio of Mike McAlister, Jake Caputo, and Chris Molitor have started a podcast called Please Advise. Their show, which has one episode under its belt so far, will be posted “occasionally” and will undoubtedly cover developing WordPress themes (which all three of them do full time).

In their first episode, for instance, they discussed Caputo’s HBOGO campaign, how they went about setting up their podcast and live feed, and ThemeForest.

Fun fact: Please Advise, they explained in the first episode, became the podcast’s title when they all repeatedly saw their theme customers using the phrase in support emails.

Mike, Jake, and Chris joined me for the first episode of the WPCandy Roundtable podcast just a few weeks ago. If you get a chance, and have room in your life for another podcast, I’d recommend giving their new show a shot.

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  1. “I’ve just put a pizza in the oven. I guess I’ll create a viral website.” Paraphrasing there but best quote ever. Me wants more podcast!

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