Max Foundry wants to take your buttons further with MaxButtons Pro


Max Foundry tweeted last week that they were getting ready to release MaxButton Pro, based on the open source and free version of MaxButtons available on

What the Max Foundry team is trying to do with both plugins, the free and pro versions, is to take your buttons further with CSS. If you’re a theme designer or even just a regular ‘ole WordPress user, you may find it’s difficult to create buttons that look awesome. They are trying to fix this and make it easier to create buttons that, well, look awesome.

The MaxFoundry team is getting ready to release the Pro version this Wednesday, and they’re offering half off the price now on in exchange for an email address.

Will you be sprucing up your WordPress site with MaxButtons? Let us know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Max Foundry wants to take your buttons further with MaxButtons Pro

  1. I think I am going to make a list of all the stuff that gets promoted on sites like WPCandy that has not been internationalized.

    I think anno 2012 WordPress users may expect that sites like WPCandy only recommend truly usable stuff.

    Unfortunately the authors of maxbuttons have programmed their stuff with one language in mind only and offer no tools towards use in other languages…

    • I agree that internationalizing the plugin for language would be a great feature, but it’s probably not on the top of their mind as a phase 1 task. Maybe in another iteration to come, as it gains traction.

      I like to start simple, then expand — instead of taking longer and more man hours to build something that may be underutilized.

      Definitely shoot them a note with your feature request to allow for other languages, I’m sure they are listening.

    • Hi Piet,

      You are correct, MaxButtons doesn’t yet support internationalization. Like Jonathan said, we want to get all core functionality out first and let it (hopefully) gain traction before committing effort to add internationalization within the plugin.

      That being said, internationalization is already on our to-do list, so I would expect to see it in another release or two after the initial launch of MaxButtons Pro.

      • Hi Dave, Thanks for your response.It is good to know that internationalization is on your list. What I find strange though is that you would add it only after the release of your commercial product. Basically what you’re saying is that if your plugin does not gain traction, you find internationalization a waste of your time. Sounds to me a bit like the chicken and the egg, but that is of course just my opinion.

        • That’s not quite what we’re saying. We’re simply at a point where it needs to ship, and we will listen to any and all feedback to help direct us in our priorities for what we should do next. Internationalization is obviously something we already know will be high on the list.

      • Providing localisation support in a plugin requires a nominal amount of effort. It’s so easy there’s no excuse not to do it.

        In fact, “committing effort to add internationalization within the plugin” once it’s mature will take you many times longer than if you’d added it from the outset.

        • I completely agree with you, John!

          Internationalization support is not extra work – it just goes with creating your stuff – from the beginning! The loading call for the textdomain is ONE little line of code – if you do it like the WordPress standard & API (unlike lots of plugin authors programming their own loading functions, uuah…).

          Adding the little extra syntax to the text strings is also no extra work. __( ‘Your string’, ‘textdomain’ ); —> It will be extra work to implement it in a big plugin later on, then you’re right…!

          Internationalization is not an option for later versions/updates – you should think of it even before writing the first line of code. It’s not an option, it’s a decision!

          If you want to grow as a theme or plugin shop have the international user in mind. We are your biggest potential user base :-).

          After lots of frustration I wrote an article about these issues a few weeks ago:

          -Dave 🙂

          • Dave – Thanks for your comment and the link, definitely helpful. All we can say at this point is that we’ll get better about making sure internationalization is there in the beginning and not as an afterthought. Chalk this one up as an oversight on our part and we’ll work to get better going forward.

          • Thanx, Dave 🙂

            I pointed this out more in general not specific at you – I’ve read some similar statements in the last month… I encourage all devs to make this from the beginning as it then would really save time and together with user feedback could be improved more and more. Internationalization & translations need to be tested in real life to see if all translations are actually displayed – is the loading call correct? textdomain correct in all instances? no syntax errors in Gettext strings etc. …

            I’ve translated thousands of strings into German in the last 12 month for about 100 plugins & themes including lots of premium stuff. Most is great or ok but there are some “black sheep” who do things a bit wrong and won’t listen to user feedback…

            Here’s my list of German language packs:

            Back to your plugin:
            I just purchased and I like what I see 🙂 Great work, very useful! Together with localization this will be awesome!! 🙂

            Will it be possible to load all styles & javascript in header or footer? Would love to see this in future versions.

            Otherwise, great work and plugin idea! Keep up the good work and I will definitely translate this into German once it’s possible…

            -Dave from Germany 🙂

  2. Wow, I didn’t even know of this free plugin. I had been creating my own and then turning them into a picture with a link… I’ll have to test this out!

    Thanks for letting me know about it! Downloaded.

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