Max Foundry Starter Kits discontinued due to work load

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For some time now the theme and plugin shop Max Foundry has assembled and released what they call “Starter Kits,” which amounted to packaged up theme and plugin bundles to give site owners a jump-start. As of this week the Max Foundry team has discontinued the Starter Kits so they can focus on other, more important projects, Dave Donaldson said.

The purpose of the Starter Kits was to offer bloggers an easy way to get started with certain types of WordPress sites. Users could download a specific Starter Kit and install plugins and themes that Max Foundry recommended. In the end, though, Donaldson said that they spent a lot of time playing catch up to update the plugins and themes in their kits to the latest versions.

Donaldson said they would rather spend time on their own work:

Updating the starter kits wasn’t hard and didn’t take a bunch of time, but it was yet another thing we had to do. And as we continued to focus on product development, having to maintain the starter kits became a distraction, and the last thing we want is anything that shifts focus away from our themes and plugins.

Starter Kits remind me a bit of Jetpack, packaging up useful plugins into one bundle. Both bundle plugins for the convenience of the users, but each does it a bit differently. Max Foundry manually assembled the downloadable bundles, which required work each time one of the bundled plugins or themes was updated. The Jetpack developers, on the other hand, have chosen to only update the bundled plugins within Jetpack itself.

What do you think of the bundling idea, and the various ways of implementing it? Do you think it’s worth the time?