Matt Mullenweg will answer questions at the WordCamp Montreal town hall

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The founder of WordPress himself, Matt Mullenweg, will be attending WordCamp Montreal this weekend. In addition to his actual corporeal existence in the city, Mullenweg will be running a town hall question and answer session on Sunday. Mullenweg doesn’t attend and speak at many WordCamps, so this is quite the occasion. Questions for the session can be submitted via the Montreal blog as well as directed to the event organizers on Twitter.

You can use this opportunity to ask Mullenweg about the work that goes into software used by millions and millions of people. Or you could ask him for beard growing tips. It’s really up to you.

Unfortunately WPCandy won’t be attending WordCamp Montreal this weekend, but we will be watching and reporting here, as usual. If anyone will be at Montreal this weekend and would like to become a legit WPCandy Ambassador (which means liveblogging, mainly) for a couple of days, just let us know in the comments below.

In addition to attending and speaking at choice WordCamps Mullenweg also has a tendency to stop by and answer questions right here on the internet. Crazy, right? Given the chance, what question would you ask him?

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  1. I’ll be there (and speaking!). Although I can’t live blog during the whole event, I could definitely participate a little. Perhaps with others as well. Get in touch Ryan?

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