MassivePress meetup #2 is taking place now


MassivePress, the group of collaborators from various corners of the WordPress community, are holding their second meetup this week in San Diego, California. The photo above is from the first day of their event, where each company is showcasing what they’ve been working on.

The last time these folks met up was back in August, and if this one is anything like last time we can expect a good number of photos (and videos) from the event.

3 thoughts on “MassivePress meetup #2 is taking place now

  1. MassiveCamp is not a user focused event. It’s a private meetup consisting of various businesses focused on products and services focused on WordPress. The event is held at a different location each time and the attendees fly in from various parts of the country and beyond to attend.

  2. Oh. Was wondering why other (non-private?) businesses focused on products and services on WordPress here didn’t know about it. Kinda, sorta good coverage WPCandy!

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