MapQuest Map Builder plugin works to make adding custom maps to WordPress easier


Have you ever wanted to build out custom maps in WordPress? Using MapQuest? Then you’re in luck (and sort of a freakishly ideal person to be reading this post): MapQuest has released the MapQuest Map Builder beta plugin that smooths out the process of adding maps to WordPress posts and pages. It requires no signup or API key—just install it and go.

Within the builder map pointers are very flexible, with the icons, titles, and descriptions all fully customizable. Lines and shapes be also be drawn on maps, with color and size settings customizable as well.

The plugin was released earlier this year, but is still in its early stages. Project Lead Chip Diffendaffer said they are “aiming to create a quick and easy-to-use mapping plugin for creating elegant custom maps without worrying about setting up API keys or writing JavaScript.” You can download the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory, and read more about it on MapQuest’s site.

Diffendaffer said they are interested in the community’s thoughts, as well as any feature requests anyone here might have. Well, let him have it: share your thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “MapQuest Map Builder plugin works to make adding custom maps to WordPress easier

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  2. So far, this beta version isn’t playing nice on my 3.1.2 WP site in Safari or Firefox. The buttons are showing in the menu, but nothing happens when you click on them. 🙁

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