Make WordPress Events blog gives WordCamp organizers a place to collaborate

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In addition to the WordPress development blog becoming Make WordPress Core this week, WordCamp and meetup organizers have a new blog to collaborate on at Make WordPress Events. Jane Wells announced the new blog over at, where she said she’s excited to see organizers get more recognition as important members of the community. She said:

I’m especially excited about the creation of this group because until now the role of community organizer, while one of the most important, has not gotten the same recognition as higher-profile contribution methods such as forum support or core code contribution. That is something I hope this group will change, and the local organizers can be recognized for the community leaders they are.

In the blog’s (pretty much obligatory) “Hello world!” post, Wells said she envisions the group to not only be a blog for sharing and discussion, but where mentorship can grow, regular IRC discussions can happen, and tasks like reviewing and processing WordCamp videos could become a shared responsibility. There are even talks of a regular IRC chat. The blog is already filling up with ideas from current and past organizers — jump right in if you’re one of them!

The new Make WordPress Events site follows suit with the other P2-driven contributor blogs: UI, Themes, Plugins, Polyglots, Accessibility, and Core.

As a meetup organizer I can say I’m looking forward to having a place to reach out to others and discuss what works and what doesn’t. If you’ve dabbled in WordPress event organization before, what do you think?