Make headlines with Big News, Blog Oh Blog’s new theme


Blog Oh Blog has added another theme to their collection, this time called Big News, a magazine-style WordPress theme. It sports an expansive options panel, and a number of features to boot:

  • Change any color from the back-end
  • Featured slideshow and carousel
  • Menu ready
  • Collapsible comments
  • Integrated news ticker

About the new theme, Jai Nischal Verma said:

This is a theme suitable for any news or information based websites and blogs. It comes with a neat magazine layout that lets you define custom content (helpful in SEO) on the home page from various categories. The theme comes packed with powerful admin features that will enable you to make your website unique and different in every way possible.

If you’re interested, demo Big News and pick up a copy for $49.99. You can also follow Blog Oh Blog on Twitter at @blogohblog.

Would you like a copy of Big News? We have one, and we’d like to give it away in the comments. Let us know what you like about this magazine theme and how you’d use it, and you could walk away with your own copy very soon. Most engaging comment wins!

5 thoughts on “Make headlines with Big News, Blog Oh Blog’s new theme

  1. Would love to redesign my blog with this theme.
    Homepage is nicely designed and can highlight the content under different categories which will increase the page view.
    Fonts and colour scheme also looks gorgeous.
    Love to have it

  2. not actually interested in this theme, but i do like exploring how some people are able to continue to innovate new themes that are really good into a market that most would think is overloaded, well done!

  3. I would like to aply that theme on my blog. I’m bored with my previous theme. My previous theme load like sh*t. I want to change with Bignews theme by BlogOhBlog. I was tired looking for people share that theme freely. I don’t have much money to buy that theme. 😀
    Gimme that one for me please wpcandy… i will thankfull for that.



    After few hours working in the theme, I guess I am not happy and I might … UNLESS I got some solution or tips for what am facing.

    1. There is almost no information to help users to set up the theme correctly. YES, there is few lines under Appearance >> Big New Options, but it is simply not enough and has no valuable help! Even the downloaded file doesn’t have any information about installation or at least about minimum requirements!

    2. This theme works fine if you have only five (5) categories or less. What I mean that you can display only five (5) main categories in the homepage. So if in case you have about 10 main news categories, then you will not be able to display the news articles from half of your main categories. This is because the theme layout doesn’t allows you to add more than 5 categories!!! Come on developers, what were you thinking!!! this is a very bad judgment.

    3. Categories Titles are PNG images!!!! you can not use text on Categories titles. Also, this is very bad judgment. Text titles are much important. Now you have to update the title image for every section you have!!!!!!!! Not only that, even the date is displayed as images!!!!!!! Very bad.

    4. This theme is not working the way it should with IE 8. Too many things are not showing there along with too many miss-alignment parts!

    5. This theme is not well supported for non-English websites… for example, Arabic. German, Chines, etc websites. when you add the categories names in the “Big News Theme Admin Panel” it simply does not recognize it! so when you add a new news in a specific category it will not appear under this category on the homepage!

    I am really disappointed, it is a good looking theme but the development/programming part is full with very bad judgment mistakes and error 🙁

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