New less expensive package, reduced prices at Gorilla Themes

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Carlos Aguaron has announced a new product at Gorilla Themes. It is the “Essential Package” option. The Essential Package gives you eveything except access to support forums, demo xml files, or the original files with PSD.

Carlos wrote this about the target audience for the Essential Package:

…this product is intended for web designers and developers that are very familiar with WordPress, CSS and PHP files without the need to get extra support or if you want to try the theme before you can commit to a more expensive package.

Of course, upgrades are available if you decide the Essential Package of a theme just isn’t enough. Gorilla Themes has also reduced the prices of their other theme packages for a limited time. Their Standard Theme Package is now available for $69.95 ($10 off) and their Premium Theme Package is now $99.95 ($40 off). There is no coupon code required for the savings.

Just out of curiosity, how many of you decide which WordPress themes to buy based on price? Has it kept you from buying a theme in the past, even if it would be useful for a project?

One thought on “New less expensive package, reduced prices at Gorilla Themes

  1. It’s not a price decision for me, although there have been times when I’ve wanted the “Club” subscription of a particular theme company, but it’s been out of reach temporarily…

    As a designer, I’m looking for themes that are clearly adaptable, well-coded, and well-designed. If something is extremely niched, or relies on graphics for things like shadows instead of CSS, I know it’s going to take more to customize for my clients, so I usually pass. I want something that looks and functions well out of the box, but gives me the freedom to make it unique for my clients.

    That said, I’ve come to love WooThemes, and I use their themes for the majority of my projects. I’ve also gotten into Obox lately, and I’ve got my eye on a membership at Press75, just in case anyone’s interested. 😉

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