Proof is in the pudding: Lorelle’s class fills up


The proof is in the pudding, since Lorelle’s WordPress class has officially filled up. This is great news for both her and the WordPress community.

Lorelle’s class is just one more step in the right direction, and will help to take WordPress beyond tech geeks and corporations and to the general population. WordPress showing up within the education sector truly validates its value for users. In this sort of educational setting WordPress is seen as more than just a “blogging tool”, but as something truly valuable for its users.

I’m very proud of Lorelle for both taking on the task of teaching an official WordPress class, but also for being such a key component to the WordPress community for the past number of years. It’s such a pleasure having her in the community.

7 thoughts on “Proof is in the pudding: Lorelle’s class fills up

  1. LOL and blush! Thanks for the kind words, and for Donnacha, I’ll make pudding and send it. Should that be by slow boat or overnight? 😀

    I’m so excited about this. I’ll have more news on the higher education level front for WordPress coming soon. Very exciting stuff happening with this and I’m working hard on representing WordPress well, but most importantly, turning out savvy future employees and freelancers.

    • This is truly fantastic, Lorelle! I’ve been planning to approach some local colleges here in Australia to try and get WordPress into the curriculum. You’ve really inspired me, so perhaps 2012 will be the year I finally get the wheels turning 😉

      • Good luck, Japh, and let me know how it goes. It’s a harder thing to do than you may imagine. I’ve been trying since 2005. While it works for community education, getting
        WordPress into the curriculum is brutally hard. They just don’t get it, and I finally found how to connect all the pieces so they do. Having the BEST department head who “gets it” helps beyond measure. We’ve still an uphill battle before us, but we’re on the right track.

        • Thank you! I’m sure I’ll need all the luck I can get. I have a couple of friends who teach computing here, so hopefully I can get them on board and won’t be pushing alone.

          Once I’ve started having a go, I’d love to pick your brain about it sometime 🙂

    • Lorelle,

      I’m teaching WordPress as a website CMS this year in my media class. Is that the focus of your class? I’d love to talk to you about the curriculum map required to do this successfully with first-timers (and high schoolers – eesh). I love that this is starting to break into education.

      Brian Temple

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