WordPress University? Lorelle VanFossen is teaching a WordPress course


This is cool. Lorelle from Lorelle on WordPress has announced that she’s teaching an introductory course on WordPress at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington that’s worth a whole four credit hours! The class will cover all the basics, but she says that she might be willing to cover more in-depth subjects such as writing themes and plugins. Details on registering for the course are on her blog post if you’re interested.

As a college student myself who just finished his first semester, I think this is really cool. It is very validating to the WordPress community to see colleges and universities recognizing how important WordPress is to the web landscape today. I would love to take a class like this. (Hell, I could probably teach it!)

Is anybody else in college wishing they had course offerings as cool as this? And if you could teach a university course on WordPress, what would you cover?

6 thoughts on “WordPress University? Lorelle VanFossen is teaching a WordPress course

  1. I think this great news that WordPress starts to be presented to students and that some universities consider to include also full wp courses intro their agenda …

    Congrats to Lorelle, she was one of the first few people that supported WordPress sice the begining!

  2. Thanks for the share, my friends. I’m very excited about this. While there are WordPress “classes” around the world, few get the legitimacy they deserve. I’m working hard to change that. I’ll need your help, everyone’s help, to make that possible as WordPress as “that blogging thing” continues to lack legitimacy in academia even though it has tremendous back of the business world. Interesting new hurdle to climb over.


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  3. That’s great news. Lorelle do you have any online material that you’re going to use?

    I’ll be teaching WordPress to my students also in highschool (located in Finland). And some adult groups. We are focusing on self-hosted WP and we are covering these kind of things.

    Hosting WP
    Installing WP
    What to do after installing (settings)
    How to choose and install themes
    How to choose and install plugins
    How to modify theme using css and functions.php: making child themes to parent theme
    Using WP: pages, post, menus, widgets, users etc.
    How to make a parent theme
    How to makea plugin

  4. Lorelle,

    Congratulations! Great news! I am scheduled to teach a series of WordPress courses at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, GA. This trend of college adaptation for WordPress moves the Web Design/Development community into a whole new arena and the possibilities are endless and exciting!


  5. Hello All,

    It’s not just at the university level any more! After receiving requests from numerous high school teachers, we have created a 6-week curriculum for teaching WordPress to high school students.

    This first 6-week introduction covers WordPress.com and all the basics. If it is well-received, we will continue on to create the follow-up 6-week course that will cover the self-hosted version, along with plugins, security, etc.

    It’s becoming more and more obvious to us that WordPress is too important a topic not to include in a standard curriculum for students of technology, journalism, etc.



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