Live video chat with Brian Gardner and Cory Miller (recap)


Brian Gardner and Cory Miller

Cory Miller put together a live video chat this morning with Brian Gardner, founder of StudioPress, on Miller, of iThemes, and Gardner have been friends for a long time and sat down in Oklahoma City to talk about life, WordPress, and coffee their businesses.

They were kind to take questions from the audience throughout the show. There were quite a few things discussed I found particularly interesting:

  • The legal aspects of starting up a theme business
  • The uncertain feeling of making the leap from a day job
  • First themes, and favorites themes
  • Staffing at StudioPress, and the delegation of duties
  • GenesisCamp….
  • Clarification of the StudioPress / Copyblogger merger details

Other StudioPressers were on hand to answer questions in the chat that couldn’t be covered in the broadcast.

The live broadcast was today, November 12th, at 10:00 am central time. You can check out the full video along with the announcement post and chat history here.

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  1. I watched most of this live and it was great. Hope to see more video chats like this in the future. Reminds me of what 37signals does about once a week.

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