Lisa Sabin-Wilson steps down from organizing WordCamp Chicago

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Lisa Sabin-Wilson has announced that, due to moving to Atlanta, GA with her family, she will not be organizing WordCamp Chicago 2011. She organized the event in 2009 and 2010, but next year’s event is “just a time comittment that [she is] unable to make in 2011 and beyond.”

Lisa will be transferring, the official event website, over to the WordPress Foundation, and the Twitter and Facebook accounts will follow when a suitable replacement is found.

Just who might the suitable replacement be? Lisa didn’t say, but did give a strong nudge in Brian Gardner’s direction:

In prior years, Brian Gardner helped out a bit with this event – and I am unsure if he is interested/willing to pick up the ball and run with it for 2011 – that will remain to be seen as he organizes and prioritizes his life and work on his end.  I have notified him that I would be unable to do it in 2011 – so we’ll see what happens!