Liam McKay reveals more about the WPBundle, WooThemes collab

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Liam McKay

Liam McKay owns WPBundle, and is now collaborating with WooThemes.

In an email to WPCandy, Liam McKay, co-founder of WPBundle, helped clarify WPBundle’s recently announced collaboration with WooThemes and revealed some new details about their partnership. Regarding the agreement between the two companies, McKay commented:

“The agreement is all quite casual (although it’s had to be sorted in the proper way etc) I still very much see it as two friends working together. I’ve worked with the team at WooThemes on not only their themes, but also some of their other personal & side projects, so I think you’re right in suggesting that it’s quite a unique move for Woo.”

He went on to say that the collaboration in no way tied WPBundle to WooThemes indefinitely. However, McKay made it clear that WPBundle is committed to WooThemes for the foreseeable future.

“For us it’s ideal, having a helping hand on all of the things that we’ve not had great experience in, i.e. Running the business, keeping on top of updates, support, feedback, marketing etc… We’re sure that we could have dealt with it all ourselves and managed it in time, but it’s just an amazing feeling to know that they’ve got our back, and that from day one we’ve got a solid system in place that works and people know and love. This gives us more time to spend doing what we love, making themes!”

WPBundle’s first theme bundle is expected to launch in September and will feature 10 core themes. You can follow them on Twitter at @wpbundle and @liammckay.

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  1. “launch in September” Probably late late September if anything. But im sure it’ll be worth the wait.

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