Themes by Bavotasan brings Arturo, another theme framework, to the table

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C. Bavota has introduced Arturo, his new WordPress theme framework, at Themes by Bavotasan. He released it in December on the site, where you can pick up the developer license for $97. There is no personal license for the framework theme.

Bavota has been working on Arturo for some time, as he described on the site:

It took a lot longer than I anticipated, but I think the wait was well worth it. The Arturo framework for WordPress is finally ready and I must say, it’s pretty awesome. Arturo is a powerhouse in regards to how far you can push it and how easily it can be customized. There are absolutely no limitations.

You can demo the theme to check it out. While you’re at it, compare it to the other WordPress theme frameworks we’ve profiled in the past. What do you think of Arturo?

Oh, before I forget: we have one copy of Arturo to give away. So tell us about what theme frameworks can still do to innovate in this space. What have most, if not all, of the WordPress theme frameworks that are available missed so far? Most engaging comment will win a copy of Arturo.

One thought on “Themes by Bavotasan brings Arturo, another theme framework, to the table

  1. Chris has some good looking themes (I particularly like Moderno, designed in collaboration with Juan Gordillo) but Arturo seems oddly placed. It is a framework in the “proper” sense, in that it isn’t a foundation that for a selection of child themes in the way that Genesis or StartBox are but, rather, it is a wireframe that gives Web designers a head-start, the basic scaffolding, to create customer websites. Unlike the other type of framework, you can’t just slip on a new child theme to see how it fits and pretty much be ready to rock, there are no child themes, you’ve got to get down n’ dirty with the code and create something.

    Sadly, according to the Bavotasan Terms and Conditions, you can only use your creation for your clients’ websites, you cannot decide to sell your Arturo-based creation as a standalone commercial theme. An actual, working marketplace for child themes – for any framework that is technically and financially pegged to allow it to happen – is the big bang we’ll probably see in 2011 but Arturo has placed itself outside that race.

    If, however, you are a designer who main focus is one-by-one client work, Artura’s no-nonsense, no subscription, lifetime support model is to be applauded, although I suspect that most designers will need to see more demos and examples of what Arturo can achieve before they decide to add it to their tool-belt.

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