Known plugin compatibility and dev issues with WordPress 3.3


With the release of a new major version of WordPress, there are bound to be issues with themes and plugins out in the wild. I suppose that’s why the core team recommends updating themes and plugins throughout the development process each and every time WordPress is in RC.

As you venture forward with WordPress 3.3, or consider doing so this week, you might want to know just what to keep an eye out for when you upgrade. To put your mind at ease we’ve collected every instance of plugin compatibility issues and developer footnotes that you could want to know about when upgrading.

Keep in mind that many of these are small issues which shouldn’t keep you from upgrading. Go. Upgrade. Now. But just know that you might see some of the below happening while plugins and themes get their 3.3 act together.

Plugin conflicts/errors with 3.3

These are the plugins we know of that are currently causing conflicts with WordPress 3.3:

Tip: Developers should use wp_enqueue_scripts, not wp_print_styles

This one’s a best practice that’s been around for a while, but core developer Andrew Nacin reminded everyone on the WordPress developer’s blog today since not doing so will cause a small issue with 3.3:

A possible incompatibility with WordPress 3.3 could arise if you are using the wp_print_styles hook to enqueue styles — your styles may end up in the admin.

The fix: Use wp_enqueue_scripts instead. Yes, it’s that easy.

So if you enqueue styles in your theme or plugin, be sure to update it to use wp_enqueue_scripts so you don’t muck up styles on the Dashboard.

BuddyPress is due for a maintenance update

There’s no threat of your site falling over with this one, but know that when you upgrade (and until BuddyPress 1.5.2 is out in the next day or two) there might be repeated items in your toolbar or some extra padding on the left margins of the Dashboard.

You can read more about this one on the BuddyPress forums.

Login Logo update includes a CSS fix

Mark Jaquith’s Login Logo plugin (which we’ve mentioned before here) now has an update for that fixes a CSS issue fix for 3.3. Be sure to update your plugin when you update WordPress.

WP Engine recommends against upgrading for now

For their customers, and due to issues they’ve discovered, WP Engine is recommending against upgrading at this point.

Speak up

That does it for issues we’ve seen popping up so far. We’ll keep this post updated as we hear of anything else. If you run across an issue somewhere, be sure to notify the plugin or theme’s developer, and comment below so we can keep everyone updated.

32 thoughts on “Known plugin compatibility and dev issues with WordPress 3.3

  1. qTranslate has not been tested with 3.3 and deactivates itself on 3.3. The post translation panels also appear to not work correctly. I tested it this evening just after upgrading my network.

  2. Postie will not work with 3.3. Not sure what the issue is. All I can tell you is deactivate it prior to upgrading.

    If you don’t, you’ll be locked out of the admin area and redirected to your 404 page. In which case you’ll have to FTP into your wp-content/plugins/ folder where a simple rename of the folder will let you back it and should automatically deactivate the plugin when visiting the plugins page.

  3. Confused:
    “So if you enqueue scripts in your theme or plugin, be sure to update it to use wp_enqueue_scripts so you don’t muck up styles on the Dashboard”

    shouldn’t that be if you enqueue styles?

    and the link to the BuddyPress trac shows the use of wp_enqueue_styles which is not mentioned in Nacin’s post. He says to enqueue styles with wp_eunqueue_script

    • I did mean to say styles there, thanks.

      And I may have been too trigger happy to connect the BuddyPress changeset to this particular detail; updated that as well.

    • I can see why this causes confusion, but here’s the facts:

      You should only ever enqueue styles or scripts destined for inclusion in the header on one of these action hooks:

      Hooking anywhere else is, basically, wrong. That’s not to say that it won’t work, just that it might cause unexpected results. Use these hooks instead. They’ve been around for the last 3 years or so, and have always been intended specifically for this usage.

      As of 3.3, it is now okay to enqueue scripts destined for inclusion in the footer at a later point than these three hooks. WP 3.3 will handle this late enqueueing properly.

  4. Looks like Postie has an update to fix the 3.3 issues, anyone tested it?

    1.4.3 (2011.12.12) | Removed get_user_by function to make compatible with wp 3.3 – now requires 2.8+

  5. All In One Slideshow is no longer working for me. I also tried the WordPress Gallery Plugin, which is having the same problem. This is occurring on two different websites so far. Not sure what the issue is exactly, but looking for options!

  6. I was testing out Contact Form 7 in 3.3. When creating a new form, CF7 did not give me a shortcode name to copy and paste into the pages/widgets that the form is supposed to go in.

  7. I have issues with the general-templates.php in wp-includes. I was unable to access the dashboard.

    Now I have commented out line 2101 and 2102 in the same php file. But this is a temporary issue.

    WordPress should provide permanent solutions for it.

  8. W3 Total Cache broke website after upgrade to WP 3.3. I had to remove most of it to make it work again. All minify settings must be checked, cache emptied and all htaccess rules saved again.

  9. Popup Domination will give you a blank white screen with an error similar to this:

    wordpress 3.3 Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_rtl() in /…./…./wp-includes/general-template.php on line 2102

    If you’re using Popup Domination plugin, just go rename it inside your wp-content/plugins/ folder and then try logging into the dashboard. I’m not sure if their latest version of the plugin already fixes this hiccup, but if you’re on an older version, then this may be the cause of that specific error.

  10. Maybe you should check the trouble-shooting forums on before you claim those are the only problems.
    for my blog. linked here I cannot post images in posts. cannot access the visual editor. editor is elemental in html, you actually have to write the html code., tho post do save and preview successfully.
    and lightboxes totally fail.
    oh, I tried all the fixes so far. except reverting to 3.2. or reuploading core files.
    What puzzles me, is that the Beta 3.3 candidate worked ok on my MAMP install.
    Drag and drop kinda works, tho it is awkward to use on small laptop screen.

    • managed to get the visual editor to work by add “Use Google Libraries” plugin, not that I wanted to, but it works.
      Still having problems with lightboxes/fancyboxes et al. finally got one to work but it doesn’t resize the right right way anymore. just fiddle, tweak, fiddle, and try a different plugin. site is getting very confusing.

  11. Two of our plugins broke due to changes in the usermeta API with user data properties becoming “magic methods”. Scribu helped us figure out a quick adjustment to use isset() first before accessing the properties, see bug report #19540. Using var_dump(), key_exists() or property_exists() doesn’t work. You have to use isset() to test+trigger the magic methods as mentioned in bug report 18551, or refer to the topic PHP overloading.

  12. Have problems with WordPress 3.3 Visual Editor and Toolbar

    Started a new post, dismissed the pop-up intending to read it later, clicked HTML and posted a few lines. Then it was impossible to get back into the Visual editor and the Toolbar was gone. Obviously you cannot edit a post under those circumstances. And from what I see online a lot of people are having similar problems.

    The only, far from perfect, solution I have found is to go to Admin and disable the Visual editor when editing. That way the toolbar comes back. Consequently it’s possible to write your articles in a word doc, paste it into the HTML editor and then just add the final touches such as links, photos and make some words bold.

    WP’s support forum doesn’t provide any answers. Just several other people with the same problem

    Does anyone know how to sort out this? Would be really grateful.

    • couple of things, that seemed to work without major surgery. there seems to be a missing en.js file in wp-includes/js/tinymce/langs folder. you can find that in the tinymce website. I downloaded their english file, and copied the en.js file to that folder.
      I did bring back the html command buttons. but it took the “Use Google Libraries” plugin to bring back the visual editor.
      Clear your browser cache (and site or server caches if possible) several times. turn off the AdBlocker addon. and restart the browser.
      These are all suggestions from the forums moderators.
      ALSO turn off all plugins, and turn them back on one at a time. and do check if the problem arises again each time.
      one of the trouble makers are some of the twitter widget plugins.
      a lot of the plugin problems seem to stem from out-dated plugins.
      Oh, in cae you haven’t noticed, there is an options tab in the upper right of Dashboard for editing. you can turn on things that seem to be missing, like custom fields, trakback, etc.
      Well, good luck. let us all know what works.

  13. I created a very simple plugin today and it won’t install into 3.3, but does just fine in 3.2. I even stripped it down to just it’s name and still not working. I know it doesn’t make sense because the rest of my pre-existing plugins are functioning just fine.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

  14. Solution :
    Step 1 : Change the theme
    Step 2 : Clear the cache
    Step 3 : Go to your editor
    Step 4 : Change to ‘HTML’
    Step 5 : Change to ” Visual Editor’
    Step 6 : Now you can find the Visual Editor Options
    Step 7 : Change to your original theme

    If Problem Persists, Add ‘ WP-Super Edit / Use Google Library ‘ Plugins, then check it. 🙂

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