Justin Tadlock is seeking beta testers for Members 0.2


Justin Tadlock, co-author of Professional WordPress Plugin Development, has put out a call for help beta-testing the next version of his Members plugin. Members is a plugin that lets you create and edit roles, capabilities, and generally take advantage of the WordPress user system. It hasn’t seen a major update since 2009, but Tadlock wants to change that very soon with 0.2. In order to speed up development, Tadlock is asking for interested bet testers to stop by his blog and help him out.

Tadlock says the focus for 0.2 will be on improving current features and options, moreso than adding any new ones. He wants to update the plugin for the latest versions of WordPress as well. He also asks that beta testers not run the development version on any live sites, but only on testing sites until it is stable.

You an download the development version on Tadlock’s blog, and get in touch with him there to help out more. Do you use Members for managing user roles and capabilities on your site? If not, what plugin(s) do you use instead?

6 thoughts on “Justin Tadlock is seeking beta testers for Members 0.2

  1. Even as an almost two-year-old 0.1, Members has been more useful to me than most 1.0+ plugins and some of the possibilities that Justin has been discussing on his blog, they just blow my mind.

  2. Ryan, thanks for helping put the word out. I’ve gotten some great feedback and bug reports so far from people. Version 0.2 is definitely shaping into what looks to be a solid release.

  3. This is an excellent plugin as is pretty much everything else Justin makes. Hopefully he gets lots of beta testers to make it even better.

  4. the members plugin actually provides essential functionality if you need to finetune access levels. I like how gravity forms integrates with it so that I can allow other roles than administrator to create forms. I wish more plugins would work with members.

    • It’s my hope that more plugins that require custom capabilities integrate with Members. Carl Hancock actually mentioned a feature he’d like to see in this area. I’m working this feature into the next major release so other developers will have an easier time integrating with Members (not that it’s hard now). The idea would be to create “capability groups”. For example, Gravity Forms could create its own group of capabilities, which would have a special area on the role editing form. This way, users could easily find plugin-specific capabilities and just tick a checkbox.

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