Joost de Valk releases the 1.0 stable version of his WordPress SEO plugin


The popular WordPress SEO plugin by Joost de Valk has reached its first official “stable” release. WordPress SEO has experienced significant and consistent growth over the last year of development, now closing in on a whopping half a million downloads and 36 updates.

Joost de Valk describes in the release blog post that he “want[s] you to write better content and aid you with that.” That sort of common sense reasoning is part of what helps de Valk to stand out in an industry full of people offering all teh Googles for all your dollars.

As part of the release, de Valk also announced the news SEO module, an extension for WordPress SEO that creates a news Sitemap that should help WordPress blogs get indexed in Google News.

In the interests of full disclosure, I’ve been using this plugin for months on projects, and I love it. My favorite is the snippet preview, but it also comes packages with many other features you may appreciate.

WordPress is already built with search engines in mind, and is quite friendly out of the box. So I’m curious, do you use an SEO plugin? If so, do you use WordPress SEO, or the All In One SEO plugin, or perhaps a collection of smaller SEO plugins? Tell us about it in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Joost de Valk releases the 1.0 stable version of his WordPress SEO plugin

  1. I’m using both All in one SEO pack and WordPress SEO. I prefere WP SEO but hadn’t heard of that when I installed All in one SEO on other blogs.

    Unfortainly the WP SEO isn’t compatible with WP MultiSite

    • What makes you think it’s not compatible with multi site? It’s way more compatible than most other SEO plugins and even allows for XML sitemaps in a multi site environment.

  2. I use all in one seo. Tried wp seo months ago but didn’t get it working on fresh wp install. Going to give it another try tomorrow 🙂

  3. I am on all in one seo, however I have been keeping tabs on Yoasts plugin. It was impressive before it went stable!

    Love the snippet preview, I am all about writing articles for people (when I get the chance) and not for search engines, however with the WordPress Seo plugin from Yoast not only does it give me visibility of what the post will look like on search engines, but to make the meta description more relevant to the page.

    By this I mean I can physically see how google will render it, that in itself is worth its weight in gold, keep it up yoast, great work!!

    P.s. will donate when I start making a few pennies (scouts honour) ok so I’m not a scout.

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