Joost de Valk redesigns, leaves behind, and teases thine minds

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Joost de Valk

Joost de Valk has made multiple announcements in the last day or so.  We learned during his WP Community podcast yesterday, where WPCandy’s own Ryan Imel was the featured guest promoting the new WPCandy iPhone app, that Joost had completed a redesign of  I believe he actually launched the new design with Ryan on the show. The site takes on a more professional look than the previous format, and for good reason it appears.

In a blog post published late last night, he announced he’s officially going it alone.  He’s worked with Orange Valley since 2008, a Dutch web marketing firm.  He says about the move:

“Why leave then?”, you’ll ask. Because it’s time. It’s time for me to be a true entrepreneur, and not an employee. I’m a very ambitious guy: being one of the best SEO’s of the Netherlands, which I think I can fairly call myself, is not enough. I want to be amongst and compete with the best in the world. Some people might think that’s arrogance, I’ve decided that doesn’t bother me anymore.

So it is, with some pain in my heart, that I wish them all the best, I’m certain they’ll do great things.

Joost said one priority is to spend more time developing his WordPress SEO plugin, which has both free and premium options. But he also teased an upcoming startup, which I’m sure we will all be interested in hearing more about. The only real hint he provides is that he will be working with many of the people he already works with, including Frederick Townes. Townes is the Founder and CEO of W3 Edge, which created the extremely popular W3-Total Cache Plugin. Frederick was also responsible for the redesign of

You can view the full announcement on his blog.