Joost de Valk moves plugins to GlotPress for collaborative translations


WordPress plugin developer Joost de Valk has decided to use a combination of GlotPress and a mailing list to allow for collaborative online translating of his WordPress plugins. de Valk has five of his plugins in GlotPress, which is currently running as a subdomain of his site. Remkus de Vries helped de Valk set up GlotPress for his plugins, and even wrote up a tutorial about it on his blog.

GlotPress manages the translation, and Gravity Forms handles the user registration and Mailchimp integration. Although de Valk put off setting up the system for over two years, he now says he has been surprised by the overall response:

The amount of people working on this has surprised me. I’ve tweeted about it twice and so far, 31 people have signed up and are actively translating into 12 different languages, so far translating 2568 sentences!

Of course you too can join in the fun and help de Valk translate his own plugins, but odds are a number of you have plugins of your own. Would you ever consider using GlotPress to translate your plugins, like he has?

4 thoughts on “Joost de Valk moves plugins to GlotPress for collaborative translations

  1. I think its a really great thing, i mean why not use goltpress for the translations, its the wordpress spirit, by letting the crowd help each other.

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