UI Labs plugin brings possible future WordPress UI to your Dashboard


John O’Nolan is a member of the WordPress UI Team. Whazzat, you say? The WordPress UI Team are the folks that make sure that WordPress is designed and operates in such a way that other content management systems still want to copy it in the future. O’Nolan’s first WordPress plugin was released today, and it’s called UI Labs. UI Labs is a way of playing with, and testing out, potential future additions to the WordPress UI. To be clear, this isn’t an official plugin, simply O’Nolan’s own work. Or, as it’s described on the plugin page:

UI Labs is a plugin that offers experimental WordPress admin UI features with the aim of building upon and enhancing the default WordPress User Interface. All features are experimental, there are no guarantees and a modern browser is mandatory!

Sounds like fun, right? Currently the plugin only adds color-coded post statuses (see the image above) but it seems O’Nolan has a number of features planned for the future. Grab a copy and give it a try. Also, see his blog post on the new plugin.

What do you think of experimenting with UI changes this way? Does playing around with fresh design ideas excite you in the geeky way it does for me?

6 thoughts on “UI Labs plugin brings possible future WordPress UI to your Dashboard

  1. Hi, I’ve just tried it, it seems not to work properly with a wordpress in French. It has only hidden the post status “privé” (“private”) to me and didn’t display any colored information. Is it the same for other languages?

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