Jigoshop commerce plugin launches paid support and developer club


Jigoshop is a relatively recent addition to the WordPress ecommerce market—it launched in May of this year—and just last week launched premium support and a developer club called the Jigoshop Club. Previously Jigoshop was monetized via a handful of commercial themes and plugin extensions, since its primary offering, the Jigoshop eCommerce plugin, is available free on the WordPress.org plugin directory.

For those looking for a bit of help from the plugin’s creators, paid support is now available. Support prices start ar $39 per month for a single site, alternatively $99 for a year, and it increases with each additional site that needs support.

Members of the newly launched Jigoshop Club will receive unlimited access to their support as well as access to every Jigoshop product in existence. Membership into the club requires a one-time setup fee of $179 with ongoing monthly subscription payments of $15.

Jay Koster, the lead designer behind Jigoshop, hopes that this new club option will be a solid alternative to buying each of their extensions outright:

We believe this represents fantastic value right now, and will only get better as we continue to add more themes and extensions to our catalog. As a rough demonstration, if you were to buy the contents of the club separately it would cost over $1000!

What do you think of a free plugin like Jigoshop going these routes when it comes to monetization? Have you ever paid for a free plugin’s upgrades, paid support, or a developer’s club like Jigoshop is offering?

12 thoughts on “Jigoshop commerce plugin launches paid support and developer club

  1. inb4 Mike kills me for being named as leading developer!

    Just to clear that up, Mike Jolley is the lead dev, I’m the lead designer 🙂

  2. I think it is a smart move on Jigoshop’s part. It’s a lot like Justin Tadlock’s model for Hybrid with its paid support features. All the benefits of being free to use with the option of getting top notch support if needed.

    I personally love Jigoshop because it is so flexible, and since e-commerce sites generally cost more to develop, even something like $99/year for support is easy to afford if needed.

  3. not big on the setup plus 15/mo… one or the other. I’ll still consider that plugin if/when I do another custom ecom gig but not jumping into that club anytime soon.

    • The monthly fee grants you access to all new products. If you just want support (or an individual theme / extension) there’s no recurring fee.

  4. Pretty cool – although I have to agree with Chuck on the $15/mo recurring payment. There’s very little I want to add to my fixed cost overhead.

    I do like the ecommerce plugin though – hadn’t heard of it before, will definitely have to check it out!

      • I’d be more likely to purchase each one as I needed it per project. I would hope there would be some support included in the purchase of your products as well.

        Just my $.02

        • You can purchase each one individually right now and even supplement it with an annual support package 😛 The club is an option for developers who envisage building several eCommerce sites a year.

  5. I think it’s realistic to have fees related to plugins and themes. In fact, I often select paid solutions over free for my clients.

    What is the $ 179 setup fee cover? That seems quite high. Perhaps a monthly or annual fee option would make sense.

    • The setup fee protects us from people signing up for one month, paying $15, downloading all of our premium products plus getting a months support. That would obviously be a road to ruin.

      Having said that this is our first time launching a product of this kind and we’re keen for feedback. We will perhaps adjust prices based the opinion of the community at large 🙂

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