Jeff Chandler returns with the WordPress Weekly podcast

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WPTavern's WP Weekly Podcast

Jeff Chandler, of, has published two new episodes of the WordPress Weekly podcast.  WPWeekly is a 100+ episode podcast full of WordPress news and interviews with influential WordPress folks.

Jeff has had a lot going on this year, and the two new podcasts are his first since July.  The podcast normally airs live on Saturdays at 2:00 pm eastern time.

In episodes 105 and 106 Jeff covered a variety of news topics and interviewed the following guests:

  • 105: Interview with Brad Williams about Professional WordPress and Pluginize
  • 106: Interview with Gil Rutkowski about WordPress 3.1 Post Formats.  Gil and Jeff dive into the debate about base vs closed post formats, and also discuss how post formats help WordPress achieve what many love about Tumblr.
  • 106: Interview with Chip Bennett and Edward Caissie about the Theme Review Team. For a really interesting thread about this, check this one out on the Tavern Forum.  Some of the recent changes have been done to help alleviate these problems.  The WPCandy team also talked about theme reviews a bit in the most recent WPCandy podcast.