Jay Z’s got 99 problems but a blog ain’t one



Jay Z is on WordPress. This should be no surprise to you. First, Because Jay Z is awesome—so it’s a natural choice. Second, this isn’t his first affair with WordPress. Jay Z put his personal site on WordPress early last year, and Matt Mullenweg wittingly tweeted what is now the title of this post.

But now Jay Z is expanding his already extensive entertainment empire. He has launched the Life + Times magagazine, featuring what appears to be posts about life and times. Shocking, right?

My favorite part about the content is that, according to the New York Daily News, the majority of the site’s authors are relative unknowns that get pretty much free reign to be ‘young tastemakers’.

Where are the applications!?

Taking a look at the source code, the site is running WordPress 3.1.1 (only the freshest for Jay Z, no?), Yoast’s Google Analytics plugin, Michael Torbert’s All in One SEO Pack, the Haiku audio player, the Add This sharing plugin, Disqus comments, and WP Super Cache.

It was developed by Area 17, a firm based out of New York City and Paris.

The site is a beautiful magazine layout with a creative slideshow setup full of thumbnails that reveal post information on hover. Go check it out. It’s also got a nice mobile targeted layout that I previewed on iOS.

We may as well all just Watch the Throne as Jay Z cements himself as not only the master of flow, but of the entire web.

5 thoughts on “Jay Z’s got 99 problems but a blog ain’t one

  1. That’s a pretty good design. Very different in a good way. Though I’d have liked the tiles to be arranged in sections, under the same design.

    Thanks for the link coz I’ve also discovered a great song on there. Sade featuring Jay-Z. Never thought I’d say that!

  2. Whoa, I wrote the Haiku audio player. They did a really nice custom style with it. It’s awesome to see our work out there like that!

  3. hhttp://wpcandy.com/?p=17501

    this is from the jay-z picture and wordpress
    this is not a valid please check links you put in pictures.

  4. Awesome! I wonder if it would work for my Tattoo site? I could put the photos into the squares linked to post. I am looking for something unique. I used Zenko and now Arras but still there too common for me. Have used the player b4 on sites for other people and they thought it was cool.

    I like the way navagating is a journey.

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