Jason Schuller plans to launch WordPress video tutorial site with Press75.tv

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Jason Schuller of Press75 fame mentioned on Twitter recently that he had picked up a new domain, Press75.tv, for a new project planned with Justin Seeley. It turns out the plan is to launch a WordPress video tutorial site, both for Press75 themes and WordPress in general. Schuller explained to WPCandy:

I will be launching a new WordPress Video Tutorial site with Press75.tv which will contain Press75 theme tutorials as well as general WordPress tutorials. The details are not all ironed out yet, but the plan is to provide some pretty unique content that will benefit my customers as well as the entire WordPress community.

Seeley is the host of the Photoshop Quicktips Video Podcast and has a number of training videos at SeeleyTraining.com, so he seems to have the experience necessary to help launch a video tutorial site. You can follow Justin Seeley on Twitter at @justinseeley, and of course Jason Schuller at @jschuller.

Other WordPress theme shops have embraced video support for their themes. iThemes has gone as far as a weekly live show, WooThemes recently partnered with WordPress 101 to create videos, and Elegant Themes recently added video tutorials for their themes too.