Jason Schuller launches Theme.it with entourage of theme pros


Theme.it, a blog for WordPress theme creators (and Jason Schuller’s latest project), is grinding to life with a post from theme developer Sawyer Hollenshead on lessons he learned releasing his first few WordPress themes. The activity comes just a few weeks after Schuller first announced the idea and briefly described it:

Theme.it will focus on theme design, development, editorials, theme reviews, interviews and much more. If you are a theme designer or developer looking to establish your business within the WordPress theme market, Theme.it will also provide articles by long standing WordPress theme business owners sharing key aspects of how they established and currently maintain their theme businesses.

Hollenshead doesn’t look like the only one who will be gracing Theme.it’s pages along with Schuller. The site’s footer also displays the pretty faces of:

  • Jeff Milone of Organic Themes,
  • Mike McAlister (who wrote something recently somewhere, can’t remember where),
  • Lisa Sabin-Wilson of Allure Themes,
  • Orman Clark,
  • Justin Seeley,
  • Luke McDonald,
  • Brian Richards of Startbox,
  • Rich Staats, and
  • Eddie Machado.

Who doesn’t love another blog about WordPress, am I right? You can follow the progress on the Theme.it blog, as well as their Twitter account @just_theme_it. From the list above, is there someone you’re most excited to hear from on Theme.it?

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    • Actually, my typical work day is no more than 8 hours, and I plan on keeping it that way 🙂

  1. It looks like they’ve already brought us a great lesson on how NOT to design a logo 😉

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