iThemes to host a townhall meeting on November 9th about the future of their brands

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On Tuesday, November 9th at 3pm CST, iThemes will hold its first townhall webinar meeting between its team (which includes PluginBuddy and and any interested members of the community.

Cory Miller, on the iThemes blog, has asked those planning on attending next week to think about the following questions:

  • What new themes and feature additions or innovations do you want to see from iThemes?
  • What new plugins and feature additions or innovation do you want to see from PluginBuddy?
  • What new training and topics do you want to learn from
  • How can we improve our overall process and products for you?
  • What other ideas and constructive feedback do you have for us?

The format will first involve the iThemes, PluginBuddy, and crew sharing their ideas and plans, followed by the ideas of those attending the townhall.

Those interested in attending the event should register via GoToWebinar.