iThemes built out, and released, Builder version 3.0


The team at iThemes has released version 3.0 of their WordPress theme framework called Builder, and this update is a hefty one. It brings a big list of new features and enhancements, including:

  • Expanded layout extensions
  • A new header module for customizing the header of your site
  • More than forty child themes bundled with it
  • Support for the Loop Standard, a concept which Chris Jean introduced at WordCamp Raleigh
  • Additional support (and styles) for plugins like Gravity Forms

If you’ve not seen what the Builder theme has to offer, check out the intro video to the framework embedded just after the jump.

I met and spoke with Builder’s lead developer, Chris Jean, at WordCamp Raleigh earlier this year. He was excited about advancing Builder in a big way with 3.0, and by all accounts it looks like they have done that.

Have you used Builder in any projects? What is your opinion of the 3.0 release?

2 thoughts on “iThemes built out, and released, Builder version 3.0

  1. Thanks for the update about this framework. But I was wondering since there are lot of premium frameworks out there any chance of a comparison of them?

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