iThemes Educational Program will provide nearly $100,000 in resources to educators


iThemes has announced a new Education Program initiative which they will use to bring what they offer to the education community. They are starting off this new program by offering nearly $100,000 in WordPress resources to educators.

iThemes is offering their entire inventory of WordPress products and training for free to a pilot group of one hundred educators to begin with. The complete collection they are giving away includes over 150 WordPress themes from iThemes, more than 20 plugins from PluginBuddy and nearly 300 hours of training through Educators included in the program will also receive the same support that iThemes’ paying community does.

At this point the iThemes Education Program is available only to those participants in the United States and Canada who have been personally invited by iThemes. The Education Program will also involve a new discount for any students (proven students, of course) on their products. This discount will be announced in the near future.

If you’d like a more polished presentation of their plan — and really, why rely on my rambling? — watch iThemes founder Cory Miller pitch the idea in a video just after the jump.

Recently a discussion took place in the comments of a WPCandy post that involved monetary versus product (or in kind) donations. Regarding the comparison between the two, Miller said that he and his team take the issue of value seriously, and that when it comes to value in these types of donations the key is in the support:

…[W]e offer a high level of support with whatever “free” offerings we might have. Support, outside of development, is one of the highest costs of our business. Anybody who thinks otherwise is sadly mistaken and does not or has not done what we have.

Miller described this new initiative as part of their larger goal to give back to their home state of Oklahoma. Just earlier this month iThemes opened the doors at The DIV, a new non-profit foundation dedicated to innovation online.

In addition to the new launches, iThemes was named the 7th Fastest-Growing Company in Oklahoma City by the Metro 50 Awards Banquet last week. Only companies with revenues of more than one million dollars in 2010 were considered for an award.

Boy, it’s about time the iThemes team achieved something, don’t you think? I’m not sure they’ve done enough lately.

What do you think of this new project iThemes has launched? Is anyone out there an educator that would be interested in getting in on this program?

4 thoughts on “iThemes Educational Program will provide nearly $100,000 in resources to educators

  1. This is exactly what schools need. Online connection with web based strategies. You don’t have to buy programs to install. I used moodle in my class the last few years, it would be neat to incorporate a school theme like what they did with the restaurant theme. I am not teaching this year due to budgetary constraits, but would love to use these resources for tutoring, etc. I am now working a little newsletter, and using all of the ithemes goodies to produce the online version of the newsletter.

    • Tim, thanks for this … be sure to signup for the email newsletter so you can know what all we’re doing with the Education Program!

      We want to be the premiere partner in web design educator (with WordPress).

  2. Hello Cory,

    Well, I am not a student, but thought I would say that it is nice to see companies supporting education. I do have a client that I built a site for his tutoring business and he is a teacher. I will pass the information along to him.

    In addition, with the power and ease that WordPress brings to the table, I can think of a number of high school students that could do wonders with it.

    Keep up the great work you are doing!

    – David Silverlight

  3. I’m an Assistant Professor in Web Design & Multimedia at Nashville State Community College in Nashville, TN. We are talking now about how to integrate WordPress training into our curriculum. I would love to learn more about your resources for educators. Contact me.

    Dale Rogers

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