iThemes donates to The Spero Project, an Oklahoma City charity

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As part of their third birthday iThemes has made a goal of giving back, both to the WordPress community as well as their local, physical community. iThemes is based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and they have decied to give back to it by donating $1,000 to a local charity called The Spero Project. The Spero Project is a non-profit that works with displaced refugees located in Oklahoma City.

iThemes team member Ryan Croft explained their motivation for the donation in a recent blog post:

And over the last three years, you all have shown us just how valuable a community is.

Not just in terms of money, although that’s always a good thing, but in terms of sharing in something that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

We know that we can’t thrive without a healthy community. And being a part of any community means people in the community should contribute to its continued health.

The iThemes crew invited the founders of Spero, Brad and Kim Bandy, on to their iThemes TV set in order to present them with the $1,000 donation check. The video of the presentation is just below the jump.

Just one criticism, Cory: a jumbo check would have made that presentation. Showmanship, is all I’m sayin’.