iThemes Builder child themes can now be purchased separately

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The guys over at iThemes have made a change to their store. In the past if you wanted to buy their Builder Child themes you had to buy the entire Developer Pack. That’s quite a bit of money to drop if you only want one or two child themes. iThemes just announced that all of their Builder child themes are now available for purchase separately.

Each theme will cost you $80. For that price, you get iThemes Builder Core, the parent theme required for the child theme, a multi-use license for the child theme and one year of access to support and updates.

You also get the following iThemes plugins to go along with your new child theme:

  • Style Manager
  • SEO Plugin
  • Billboard
  • Rotating Images
  • PluginBuddy Mobile
  • BuddyPress
  • ContactBuddy
  • Feedburner Widget

A little more info about the change is available over on their blog. If you just want to jump in and buy that theme you’ve been eyeing, head over to the Builder Child Theme store

Do you prefer buying themes individually or all at once? Would you opt for individual purchases or more of an ongoing membership system?