iThemes Builder framework turns one year old, 2.7 adds new theme settings

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Builder is the WordPress theme framework from iThemes, and it turned one year old this month. Over 365 man days have now gone into Builder—and who knows how many man hours of sleep has been lost. To celebrate, iThemes has put Builder on sale this month for $79 (down from $127) so everyone can join the party. No discount code is necessary, just purchase it this month for the deal to take effect.

This month has also brought with it version 2.7 of Builder (he’s getting so big) which brought with it the theme settings that were teased by iThemes about a month ago. The settings screen seems to have been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up, with more options and more explanation for the various settings as well.

The new features and settings page in 2.7 are demonstrated by Builder lead developer Chris Jean in the video just after the jump.

Do you build themes with Builder, and if so how often do you build? Or, perhaps more intriguingly, how much built themes could a Builder theme build if a Builder theme could build themes?

I apologize.

Seriously now: How do you think the first year of Builder development has gone?