Improve resized image quality with ImageMagick Engine plugin


Orangelab has released ImageMagick Engine, a plugin that replaces the standard GD image library used in WordPress with ImageMagick. The plugin will preserve the embedded color profile of images after resizing, resulting in a more accurate and higher quality image.

Other features of the plugin include:

  • Automatic recognition of custom image sizes
  • Regeneration of existing images
  • Configuration of image quality or use of dynamically computed default value

The plugin is available for download from the WordPress plugin directory.

4 thoughts on “Improve resized image quality with ImageMagick Engine plugin

  1. This looks like just what I need! I have been SO FRUSTRATED by my painstakingly-polished pics getting dumbed down by my themeforest shopping cart software!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May I ask when it was released and how much ImageMagick’s been tested? I am a web retailer and clothing designer, not a techie; I have heard that some plugins can wreak havoc on a website.

    If we use it I will absolutely support the project. Thanks a lot!

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