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If you’re new to WPCandy, you may think that Michael Castilla is the only main writer on this blog. Well I am pleased to announce that I have finally reappeared out of the dark after not being active for a couple of weeks!

First of all, for those readers who know who I am, I apologize for not being around and publishing posts. I’ve put a lot of pressure on Mike Castilla to get posts out because I’ve been away so long, and he’s done a great job! Well done bro! For those of you who are new, I’m Michael Cromarty, a contributing writer and administrator at WPCandy. For more information about me visit the first post we published on WPCandy.

During the time I’ve been away, my inbox got filled up with tons of submissions from WPCandy. As I write this, I’m picking and sorting through a few of the good ones. So let’s see who’s getting featured!

Now you might think, “Oh I submitted a site or a theme and it hasn’t been featured or put in the gallery”. But don’t fret, my virtual friends, for I have read every email I’ve received. That’s a promise! It just takes time to review and/or add to the gallery. I’m also making you a promise to add more sites and themes to the gallery, as well as reviewing the impressive ones.

Take note, these are not in any particular order. Most of the themes, sites, and plugins that were submitted will be added to the gallery as soon as possible! The following are ones that stood apart from the others.

Language Of A Lover

Language of a Lover

The colors used in this theme have been selected very carefully and the sidebar has a great design. This would be a nice theme for a personal blog for someone who lives to talk about love and feelings.

Color Light

Color Light

The first time I saw the Color Light Web site it reminded me of the iTheme, and it still does. It’s a very simple site and extremely easy to navigate, and sites that are easy to navigate are brilliant in my books. Color Light is a small Web design company who has knowledge in WordPress designing and coding.



This is a very well designed theme and one of my favorite submissions. The wooden background works very well with the content of the site and the large logo is not an eye sore. This is a very interesting site and would be great public theme, maybe a project for when I have some free time.



The SpeckyBoy site is very simple, but not boring simple. It has two primary colors and if they added anymore then it would spoil the site. This site has sweet WordPress and Web Resources such as WPCandy does.

Bubbles Soc


I’m featuring this site just for the design. It’s great, don’t you think? I love it. There’s not much else to say about it really, it’s a very imaginative design.

Well thats just a few of the sites submitted. We have stuff submitted everyday so it’s difficult to write about them all. If you haven’t seen your submission(s) on the homepage, it may well be in the gallery!

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  1. Sorry mike.. haven’t visited this awesome website in a while. Been busy with a lots of shit in life. Anyways, from the look of it it’s going great as always. Nice new update and the other ones your just keeping them coming huh you 😛 anyways keep it up bro.. Cya later, peace.

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