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A List Apart Survey 2010

A List Apart wants to find out more about you with their 2010 web design survey. 2010 marks the fourth year of “The Survey For People Who Make Websites”. It’s a pretty quick and easy process, with 43 questions – but don’t worry, only the last couple require any typing.

The survey is mostly geared toward people who work in the industry full time, but they want your opinion if you’re a hobbyist or part-time freelancer too. The question topics range from age and location to job description, client rates, fulfillment, health coverage and work environment. It takes no more than 5 minutes.

Lots of responses will help provide ALA good information for planning their An Event Apart conferences. It will also give us fun stats to read about, like these from the 2009 edition.

Check out their blog post about it or just go and take it.