Internet Explorer 7 may be on the chopping block for WordPress 3.3


WordPress 3.2 saw the end of support for Internet Explorer 6, and the internet rejoiced. Every user of a modern browser was thankful to WordPress for making the shift. Even Microsoft was. And it looks like there might be another round of thank yous on the way.

Core WordPress developers have mentioned the possibility that WordPress 3.3 may see the end of support for Internet Explorer 7 as well. For instance, lead developer Mark Jaquith teased the idea on Twitter:

Would you like to see Internet Explorer 7 dropped in the next version of WordPress? Are you excited to see WordPress encouraging its users to move to more modern browsers?

28 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 7 may be on the chopping block for WordPress 3.3

  1. By all means, i`m more then glad that they dropped the support for IE 6. In my point of view, they can drop the support for all versions of IE

  2. Looking at the different stats I would say it is to soon to drop IE7. It is still being used by a lot of people (although IE8 seems to be the most popular IE browser version at the moment, IE7 is in a second place). Especially seeing as IE9 will not function under Windows XP and XP is still being used by most Windows users. So these users might want to update to IE8, but as we all know people are slow to get used to ‘new’ things and therefore a lot of them stick to IE7.

    Dropping IE altogether as mentioned by Razvan is obviously not an option and I hardly think, would ever be considered by the folks at WordPress.

    • But that’s just not possible if you don’t use Vista/Windows 7. Ie9 is purely Vista en Windows 7 based and loads of folks still work on XP. A nag screen for IE8 would be a better plan:-).

    • We have a nag screen in 3.2. More specifically we have a nag meta-box that’s orange or red on the dashboard of your site. Log in with ANY out of date browser to see what it looks like.

  3. I don’t think that is a good idea just yet. I agree that support for IE7 should see a demise at some point, but I don’t think we’ve reached that point yet.

  4. First, I completely agree. In fact, other than making sure the content itself is still accessible to users, I have cut off IE7 support already.

    Now, why would I do that? Well, I already cut off IE6 support (for free) years ago. I recently cut it off altogether.

    And the issues that kept users on IE6 are not the same for IE7 (corporate use, dependence on ActiveX for legacy web apps, whatever).

    If a user can update to IE7, they can update to IE8. Period. And they should.

  5. I would name my first born after WP if it dropped support for all but the modern browsers. It hurts every time I see a ie 6 visit in my stats for visits.

    • To be clear: WordPress would only drop support in the admin section, so the front-end of your site could still support any browser you want. Actually the default themes currently support more browsers than the admin section.

  6. Some of my sites are so basic that it does not matter. I’m not a big fan of wp making those decisions for me. Better to provide an option in the admin.

  7. Who cares?!? Stop writing browser specific code in core products already!!! Write to strict W3C standards and, if something’s not supported by someone’s choice of browser … well, maybe someone could write an add-on for you to fix it.

  8. I think its a bit soon to be dropping IE7, we’ve just dropped IE6. Was that tweet the only point of evidence for this post?

  9. I would love to see IE7 gone in WordPress 3.2, however in the cold light of day it is probably a little premature (unfortunately).

  10. so what? WP can drop IE 6, IE7, IE8….We (developers ) can use FF chrome to do our own work, but the clients might still request they can browse their website by using IE7.
    Just WP doesn’t support IE7 on admin panel, doesn’t mean we can skip cross browser testing.

    • Again, this would JUST affect wp-admin and JUST affect IE7. Your theme can support whatever browsers you want.

      You have to understand that IE7 is old, insecure, and tough to develop for (the very reasons we dropped support for IE6). Also, dropping support for IE6 didn’t allow us to clean up the admin CSS that much because most of the hacks that IE6 needed IE7 still need.

  11. I can’t see the problem 😉
    Just tell every client to use another browser than IE.

    They’ll be very grateful for this recommendation, after they use/test/play around with Firefox, Safari or Chrome 🙂

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