Hugo Baeta leading facelift of GlotPress translation software

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GlotPress is open source software that allows for collaborative, web-based translations. It’s also a sort of sister project to WordPress. Just a couple of weeks ago GlotPress took a seat for a bit of cosmetic surgery. And who might the surgeon be? It’s Hugo Baeta, a Social Designer at Automattic.

Baeta was pinged to look at the current user interface and come up with a few ideas on how to make it look better. His priorities for the first version were:

  • Improving the visual design
  • Improving the information architecture on the header to reduce redundancy and streamline interaction
  • Improving the List Actions/Sorting/Filters to match the needs of a power user and make it easier for newcomers

After a few sketches and a little testing, he came up with this:

For comparison purposes, you could take a look at Joost de Valk’s use of GlotPress to see what GlotPress looks like now. If you want more information about what Baeta’s doing and the choices he’s made, check out his post on the GlotPress blog.

Have you used GlotPress or any other translation services for your projects? Or, here’s a better question: were you aware that such a sister project to WordPress existed?

One thought on “Hugo Baeta leading facelift of GlotPress translation software

  1. Absolutely awesome to see work like this being done on GlotPress, which should “hopefully” in-turn help to promote and maybe one day improve BackPress too! 🙂

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