How to Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer eBook


“In recent years WordPress has taken off as a platform for not just blogging but all sorts of site management. How to Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer by Collis Ta’eed & Harley Alexander covers everything a web designer needs to bend WordPress to their needs through theming, plugins, codehacks and ingenuity.”

I’ve been anxiously waiting for the release date of this eBook, so I’m extremely excited to only have to wait until November 3rd to have it in my hands! Just by glancing over the Table of Contents, I can already tell it’s going to be a great read.

Here’s a list of the chapters in the eBook:

1. Getting Familiar with WordPress
2. Blog Design
3. Meet Creatif
4. Introduction to Themes
5. Building a Basic Theme – Creatif Blog
6. Tools for Advanced Theming
7. Building an Advanced Theme – Creatif Portfolio
8. Building a Non-Blog Theme – Creatif Site
9. Innovative Ways to Use WordPress

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  2. @Michael Castilla: Hey no problem! I got over excited when I saw my name on such a sweet website (that I only subscribed to recently oddly enough), and had to say hi. It still makes me excited to see my work over at NETTUTS featured in top 10 lists, resources etc. It’s a great feeling!

    Have a sweet day 🙂

  3. Hey take this =D

    Rockable Press “How To Be A Rockstar WordPress Designer” $10 discount code (RockinWPLaunch) without parenthesis

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