HostCo is another player among WordPress-specific hosts


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HostCo is the lastest brand to enter the WordPress centric hosting market. They offer five plans ranging from their “Suite” shared hosting plan ($15 / month) to a “Private” VPS option (starting at $65 / month). The Suite plan also allows 3 blogs per account.

One plan I find interesting is the E-commerce option. It comes with setup, configuration, an SSL certificate, and a PHPurchase subscription included for $35 per month.

HostCo describes themselves like this:

Founded by Orangecast Social Media in 2010, HostCo is a unique, affordable, and secure WordPress hosting solution targeting bloggers who have grown out of their shared hosting or generic virtual private server and need to take their blog to the next level.

The parent company, Orangecast Social Media, was founded by Derick Schaefer and is based out of Dallas, Texas.  You can learn more about HostCo, see details of all their plans, or view them in a convenient comparison chart.

They are surely targeting the WordPress market after seeing the massive growth of the platform and the early apparent successes of and WPEngine. Do you use a WordPress centric host, or are you considering one? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

3 thoughts on “HostCo is another player among WordPress-specific hosts

  1. Don’t forget us at PressHarbor – we’re a ‘WordPress centric’ host and launched our service all the way back in 2007… We’re the original WordPress centric host! 😉

  2. Brian, thanks for the coverage and the accurate description of who we are. We created the offering out of frustration we experienced when our own blogs, MidwestSportsFans.Com & Picchore.Com frequented the front page of Digg. We are passionate about this stuff and our customers.

    I’ll also note PHPurchase is about to launch Cart66 which could impact our pricing but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the transition will be smooth from an end pricing perspective.

    Again, thank you.

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