Headway Themes heads into its third year this week, plans for 3.0 emerge

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Headway Themes turned two years old this week. It was July 31, actually, and Grant and Clay Griffiths reflected on the last 24 months in a celebratory blog post on Monday. The father half of the father and son team showed a bit of parental pride when talking about the beginnings of their business:

I remember when we showed that first version of Headway to a group of WordPress users and developers in Dallas, they were awed.  Hell, I was amazed everytime Clay showed me what he was doing.

What was most amazing was the fact this 16 year old kid was building something which would do what Headway Themes was doing.  All while he was still in high school.

The birthday post also included information about the next major release of Headway. First of all it will be bumped to version number 3.0 because, as Grant explained, “the next version/upgrade is huge and we wanted to indicated that by the version number.”

Headway 3.0 will also feature a redesigned user interface, an integrated grid system, a new API, and the introduction of the Headway Marketplace to feature child themes built on Headway. The next version will also include a price jump and a move to a subscription model.

Oh, the Headway team also published a discount code too. It’s Headway2years, and it may (or may not) still be active if you try it out.

Headway’s at two years now—how long have you been following the Griffiths’ work? Are you excited by the new features and talk about what’s to come in their 3.0?