Headway Themes to give away a theme if they win at WPHonors

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What would you do in order to win first place and beat out the competition? Headway Themes is willing to give away a copy of their theme framework in exchange for some voting love in the WPHonors finalist stage. If they win, they will choose someone’s comment (assuming they can prove they tweeted) to gift a copy of Headway to.

Now if we were you, the highly valued WordPress voter, we would play the different nominees against each other. Headway is competing with Genesis, Thematic, Hybrid, and WPStartbox for the top theme framework of 2010. Play your cards right, and you will have a chance at a free theme no matter who wins.

You can also win a copy of Headway (and oodles of other items) by taking the WordPress USers Survey. See, even WPCandy isn’t beyond bribing you for your participation either. Yay for bribes!