Headway Themes hits a milestone: 3.0 and a fresh site design


Headway Themes has just released the third version of their drag n’ drop theme this week. This looks like a big release. Apparently they rewrote the code base from the ground up to improve the speed and allow for greater complexity. They’ve also revamped the user interface of the theme editing area and it looks pretty slick!

They’ve made tons of changes, more than I could cover here. Go ahead and check out the nice blog post they wrote about it. They’re also sporting a nice new site-wide redesign, which happened to be my pick in our last WPCandy podcast (you do listen to the podcast right?) Clay Griffiths and I are both alumnus of WPCoder; it’s really cool to see his business thriving. What about you, commentors? Any experiences with Headway?

9 thoughts on “Headway Themes hits a milestone: 3.0 and a fresh site design

  1. Thanks for the article, Daniel!

    It’s crazy how fast everything has progressed. Even though we’ve been in the business for over 2 years, it still seems like we haven’t been around for long. Last I knew I was sending an e-mail to Dan Philibin asking if he needed any extras developers at WPCoder.com :-).

    Looking back, it’s amazing looking at how Headway has progressed from 1.0 to 3.0. I can assure you it’s certainly not going to stop there either. We’re on an aggressive release cycle to constantly push out the latest and greatest!

  2. I’ve been using Headway on multiple sites for over 2 years and am a big fan, but the premature release of 3.0 has introduced some unfortunate issues:

    > It was released too soon and is still buggy, so if you’re thinking of using it on an important site, you might want to wait a couple months. I have converted a test site to 3.0.4 in order to become familiar with the new theme before upgrading my important sites.

    > As of 01/01/2012 there is NO upgrade path from 2.x, though they say they will have one by February 1, so any existing 2.x sites have to be rebuilt from the ground up. Even after an upgrade path is available, upgraded sites may need some tweaking. I will wait for reviews of how well the upgrade path is working before upgrading my sites.

    > A really disappointing development is the way some of the Headway Team, particularly CEO Grant Griffiths and AJ Morris, are prone to behave like children on the Headway support forums, posting rude, condescending and insulting comments directed at users who are just trying to learn how to get the software to work for them. However, the other Headway support staff members, including HW Genius Clay Griffiths, are always cordial, patient and extremely helpful.

    • Hi Rachel,

      I have found the Headway team very helpful so far. I have a developers licence and have designed two sites so far. I like Headway and I find it very user friendly once you have the backbone elements in place. I have upgraded one of my sites to Headway 3.0.4 and I like what I see.

      There are a few learning curves to the new Headway 3.0.4, but once you learn them, I can see this being a better product to work with than the earlier versions. It’s got lots of potential to go even farther.

      I am not to worried about the upgrade path yet. They are still working out the bugs. I’d rather have them do it now, then release a mess. Tweaking, that’s what we do everyday. I love to play and see what I can do.

      I think the best is yet to come Rachel. My Grand father once told me that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. Play nice in this sandbox and you will get farther. Best wishes for success in the days ahead. ^Jeff

  3. First off I would like to say the Headway team does not act like babies. Actually I really resent you treating the Headway community like this. This is an unprofessional comment and show who the real issue is with.

    I would suggest you decide how you treat people before you send requests for help. I think a small portion of individuals treat the team but sowing disrespect and as a result they get responded to accordingly.

    It also should be noted that a lack of web design fundamentals including css is not a question that should be asked by any support team.

    Version 3.04 is not that buggy as for the upgrade path it has been clearly stated it will not be ready till Feb 1. The Headway team has been very upfront about this and stated support for older versions will continue until Feb 1 at least.

    The Headway community is very helpful. But that does not mean I should wright css code for anyone. This again is not support but something I would charge for.

    This version is not a disappointment it is a game chargers. I am building sites with it now and it is easy to use. The problem is the community asked for more features so the learning curve went up. As a result the product takes longer to learn. Well worth it in my opinion.

    • Rob- Based on what you’ve written, you would be well qualified as a Headway Support Staff Member!

      • Although I love Headway I agree that Grant is rude on the forums. Sorry for writing about this here Grant, but based on the replies you give on the forum I’m afraid contacting you personally.

        In most cases his input doesn’t help and doesn’t bring anything into the discussion and just makes you feel like a moron. Makes me feel sad.

        Clay on the other hand is like the opposite, super helpful replies. Makes you feel understood and appreciated, and not like a nuisance.

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