Headway 3.0 release date will land on the busiest shopping day of the year


For any of our readers that are fans of Headway, we’ve got some great news for you: the release date for the next update, Headway 3.0, has been revealed. Grant Griffiths announced on Twitter that Headway 3.0 will officially come out on November 25th, Black Friday. Also known to our readers in the United States as the day after Thanksgiving.

What better way to spend the day after stuffing yourself to the point of pain than to tinker with a new toy? Just don’t get any leftover turkey on your theme frameworks.

5 thoughts on “Headway 3.0 release date will land on the busiest shopping day of the year

  1. I have used the latest build of Headway 3.0 hands on and I must say, it is amazing. It is going to completely redefine the concept of WordPress WYSIWYG drag-n-drop frameworks. I highly recommend people check it out when it is available.

  2. I am so glad I stuck with Headway Themes!

    HT 3.0 is truly amazing! Words cannot describe the unlimited possibilities you can create with this theme.

    This is what I created within 10 minutes – http://wpfridge.com and http://logotemplat.es

    Finally a theme where you can easily insert widgets on the main content page!

    The ability to create unlimited content boxes and blocks on a theme, drag them around to perfect the sizing, unbelieveable styling possiblities and it’s very easy for even a novice to use!

    Now I’m thinking of wacky ideas for different type of websites and there is no bounderies with what you can do. Whatever your dreaming about, it’s possible to make it happen with Headway Themes 3.0.

    I can’t thank you guys enough for your hardwork! 🙂

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