Have Your Say on the WordPress 2.7 Admin Panel


Recently, with the WordPress developers making their way on WordPress 2.7 (Crazyhorse), they’ve decided to post a couple of surveys (WordPress 2.7 Navigation Options Survey and WordPress 2.7 UI Survey #2) for the WordPress community, allowing them to add their opinion on certain design elements of the new Dashboard and Admin Panel. The surveys cover the following:

  • Navigation sections and labels
  • Where to put the search box
  • Where to put the Add New Post button/favorites menu
  • How to label the Future Publish/Edit Timestamp function

I’m actually pretty excited to have my say on the upcoming version of WordPress, specifically the admin panel. It allows for the community to have a say on the product they use, which is pretty cool! I don’t know many products that take direct input from their users and put it to good use – yet another way we’re experiencing the greatness of open-source software. The first survey has already been closed, but the second one is still open, so make sure you participate!

What do you think? Will this allow the new WordPress 2.7 admin panel to be shaped in a positive way? Or will this community collaboration actually have a negative influence?

4 thoughts on “Have Your Say on the WordPress 2.7 Admin Panel

  1. WordPress is the #1 blogging platform just like Drupal is #1 CMS platform. Both are doing positive things by approaching the community for the design aspects of the software. It gives the feeling to the community that they have their say over their favourite softwares. I appricate their effort and I hope it brings positive changes within the wordpress community.

    Good luck, WordPress. 🙂

  2. Took the second poll. Will take more as they post them. Can you please continue to post when they post them? I read wpcandy via netvibes, and don’t feel like adding another feed. lol. Thanks

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