Happy Birthday WPCandy!


Happy Birthday WPCandy!Happy Birthday to us, happy birthday to us! Happy Birthday dear WPCandy, happy birthday to us! And many moreeeeee…….

It’s been a year since WPCandy was launched, and it’s been a great year at that. I’m pretty proud and excited that WPCandy has grown to where it is now. Let’s see what’s happened at WPCandy in the past year!

Some big stuff we’ve released/launched:

We’ve had a number of popular posts in the past few months. Here are some of the best:

We’ve also seen an amazing surge in visitors since our whopping 2,681 uniques last October! Every single month since we launched we’ve seen a steady rise in traffic, topping 25,000 unique visitors in September. A few more notes on traffic…

  • Alexa Rank: 139,183
  • Technorati Rank: 5,311
  • Delicious Bookmarks: 526
  • Twitter Followers: 728
  • RSS Subscribers: 2428
  • 436,966 Total Hits
  • 138,630 Unique Visitors
  • Around 15,000 downloads on resources we’ve released
  • We’ve also been mentioned and linked on sites such as Smashing Magazine, Noupe, Positive Space Blog, and Six Revisions.
  • Gallery Sites: 159
  • Total Published Posts: 366 (including this one)

I’d also like to thank kid genius, Dan Philibin. He’s been a huge help and great partner here at WPCandy. Even though he insisted I don’t mention him in this post, I did because he definitely deserves it! Most importantly, I’d like to thank YOU! We couldn’t have come this far without all our loyal WPCandy readers, subscribers, visitors, followers, etc.

To celebrate our first birthday, we’re holding a small contest for our readers. Leave us a congrats comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win a free turnaround from WPCoder! The winner will be picked at random and can give us one PSD to slice up into a theme at any time they want.

Anyway, it’s been a blast thus far – and we’re just getting started! Look for another announcement at the end of this month. Cheers to another successful year!

~The WPCandy Team

64 thoughts on “Happy Birthday WPCandy!

  1. Just wanna greet a happy birthday and best wishes!!!.congrats to all the success in here;)more power and keep up the good work!!!!

    Greetings from naldzgraphics.com

  2. Well, some amazing stats there – congratulations on getting links from SM, Noupe and Six Revisions (I saw the link to you only on SM, which I read regularly).
    2k subscribers is certainly rewarding – I’m just wondering why uniques and page views are low. Must be because of the niche, and also the fact that you don’t write as much link/traffic bait as others.

    Looking forward to more great stuff on WPCandy, as always….. πŸ™‚

  3. Wow, I’ve been following WP Candy for the past 11 months now – and you have all come up with some truly incredible work. Great job, good work, and cheers to another successful year!

  4. You have been doing an excellent job since the beginning and I regularly turn to your site for info when I am working on my WordPress projects. Coincidentally, hackwordpress.com, another resource I love are also celebrating their birthday today. Congratulations! πŸ™‚

  5. I remember the days when it was WPCandy and WPDesigner up on my Netvibes homepage, then of course we all know what happened but luckily you guys stayed through and even upgraded your site providing the whole community with amazing projects and posts.

    Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  6. Congrats on having such a great year. You’ve helped me and many others at with wordpress and you are a greatly appreciated part of the wordpress community. Keep on trucking for many more years.

    ~Jeremy Newton

  7. Happy Birthday WPCandy! Love this website, I go here first, before all other sites for keeping up with the wordpress community and finding out a solution to a wordpress issue. Keep up the great work. You guys are doing great things for the community!

    Can’t wait for next year’s anniversary!


  8. wow a whole year now mike, its great to see how much wpcandy has grown, I so regret leaving haha

  9. Happy Birthday WPCandy! You have grown very successful over the year since your launch and I am very happy for you! Warmest wishes!

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday from all of us to you. We are glad it is your Birthday so we can party to…

    Thanks for being one the best places for wordpress related news.

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  12. I love the WordPress help sheets built by WPCandy.. They are the best.

    Congratulations on WPCandy and WordPress success. I wish Good luck to both of them and more success in the world of blogosphere.

    Thanks a lot!

  13. you’ll be entered to win a free turnaround from WPCoder! The winner will be picked at random and can give us one PSD to slice up into a theme at any time they want.

    lmao so what do you win? anyhowww who cares, that’s cute a whole year. i’m proud of you <33

  14. Congrats on the first year! Hopefully I’ll have more time to pitch in and make next year an even bigger hit!

    P.S. Looking forward to hanging out with the you and dan at next year’s FOWA Miami, that should be fun!

  15. Happy Birthday WPCandy! Hey Michael, you already know that I’ve been following this blog since the day it launched and have seen it grow to what it is now. Keep up the good work and best of wishes for the coming year!

  16. Happy birthday WPCandy! wow time flys so fast. I can’t believe it’s already a year.
    There’re wp-this, wp-that but it’s rare to find quality site that last long like WPCandy.

    I love help sheets, Template Hierarchy Diagram and starter theme.

  17. congradumalations! the wordpress starter theme is in heavy use here, and I am especially grateful for that.

  18. Congrats guys! I have been reading wpcandy for about 1 month or two now, and I’m utterly impressed with you guys!

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  21. wow congratulations. Im not just wrting this for the free wp turnaround but you guys have give me the tools and info to make a difference in my lie through the sites i have. thanks and hope you have another great year.

    P.s when do you announce the winner : )

  22. Wow.
    Since I’m also a coder and quite frankly I do the PSD and WP-theme turnaround quite often, I would rather have a little contest, for people who are not so good in coding. If WP-Candy is ok with it, I will start a contest on my website, where everybody can send me a nice PSD design and after a month all PSD Designs, which were sent in get published. Every reader can vote for their favorite one and the best design will be converted to a WP Theme, it would be even better, if the owner of the PSD file would give the theme to public, but it’s not required.
    Of course I would mentioned, that the price is coming from WPCandy, who where so generous at first place.

  23. ughhhhh,,,,,,se7en,,se7en,,,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU,,,,,,,,,,I hope you will come to Indonesia and to meet me!!! and once again happy birthday !!!!!!! missss you so mucH

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